Lark Rising is a knitwear studio that reflects the strong personal vision, individual and highly creative approach of its founder and driving force Amanda Lawrence.

Lark Rising offers a stylish and individual look, a collection at once timely and timeless; pieces that combine the disciplines of art and design with the skills, traditional craftsmanship and technological developments of knitting to create pieces of enduring value.

Lark Rising studio brings together its team of in-house designers, each with their own areas of expertise and backgrounds, together with an ever-expanding portfolio of guest artists and new talents from a wide range of specialisms. Collaborators include illustrators, rock poster designers, fine artists and cartoonists, each bringing their individual talents and interpretations of themes. Artwork is developed by the in-house creative team guided by the experience and expertise of its creative director Amanda, to produce exciting contemporary artisan garments. Each style focuses on various knit techniques, state of the art and traditional printing methods, with new takes on embellishments, appliqué and hand embroidery in rich and heady mixes. Strongly individual, the look is instantly recognisable, stylish and unique.

The current Lark Rising collection from this Brighton based design company is available in selected stores in the UK, USA, Holland, Begium, Denmark and Sweden.